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Shenzhen Ruifeng Li Paper Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of various scale CAD drawing drawings, cut bed mark paper, chicken skin paper, single and double copy paper, color paper, yellow and white kraft paper, perforated paper, breathable paper, printed copy paper, blanking paper, newspaper, press paper, and various kinds of gray sheet paper. Single and double sided white shirt paper and collar, which provide various kinds of paper for clothing, electroplating, pleat, sponge, handbag, shoes, toys and so on.
Mark paper is a consumable material for painting and marking rack. There are two kinds of picture mark rack, which are computer operation and manual operation. Therefore, according to the requirements of the two operations, the marking paper is divided into computer label paper and manual mark paper. Compared with the same kind of paper, computer label paper without straw oar, no gypsum powder, no powder and no roughness can extend the life of computer drawing pen and plotter. In addition to the above characteristics, manual marking paper generally requires higher tensile strength and transparency.
Shenzhen Ruifengli Paper Co., Ltd.

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