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The characteristics and application range of kraft paper

Kraft paper is tough, water resistant packaging paper, brown and widely used. It is commonly used to make paper bags, envelopes, homework books, record sets, dossiers and sandpaper. The quantitative range is 80 grams / square meter to 120 grams / square meter, and has the difference between web and flat paper, and it has single side light, double-sided light and stripes. The main quality requirements are flexibility, sturdy, high bursting strength, high tensile strength and no breakage. Kraft paper has high tensile force, single light, double light, stripe, no grain and so on. It is mainly used for wrapping paper, envelopes, paper bags, and printing machine drum lining. It
Kraft paper usually keeps its natural brown color, suitable for bags and wrapping paper. According to the nature and usage, kraft paper has different uses. Kraft paper is a generic term for a piece of paper. It does not have certain specifications. It is generally classified according to its nature and usage.
According to the color difference, it can be divided into original color kraft paper, brown paper, white kraft paper, plain kraft paper, Dan Guang kraft paper, double colored kraft paper and so on.
According to the different uses can be divided into: packaging kraft paper, waterproof kraft paper, moisture-proof kraft paper, antirust kraft paper, plate kraft paper, process kraft paper, insulated cowhide paperboard, cowhide sticker and so on.
According to the different material can be divided into: regenerated kraft paper, cowhide core paper, cowhide paper, rough kraft paper, cowhide paper, wood pulp kraft paper, compound kraft paper and so on.
Shenzhen Ruifeng Li Paper Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells all kinds of CAD drawing drawings, cut bed mark paper, chicken skin paper, single and double copy paper, color paper, yellow and white kraft paper, perforated paper, breathable paper, printed copy paper, cut bed paper, soil newspaper, news paper, various kinds of gray board, single and double side white linings Clothing, paper, and collar, which provide various kinds of paper for clothing, electroplating, pleat, sponge, handbags, shoes, toys and so on.

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